Benefits of Bungee Fitness

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Bungee Fitness exercise involves suspension-based training that is based on routines built around the bungee straps that carry body weight. At our fitness studio, each certified bungee strap combines four strong springs, two comfortable strong harnesses, bungee straps, a pulley system and grip handles for your feet or hands, all into one product.

Its benefits are many :-

1. Builds Muscle

Bungee-assisted workouts add resistance to every movement, which helps tone and build muscle.

2. Enhances Performance

The resistance added by the cords can increase your performance in other fitness arenas.

3. Provides Core Training

Bungee fitness engages the abs and glutes, similar to the way pilates does.

4. Improves Cardiovascular Fitness

Most bungee fitness courses include a significant amount of cardio, which burns fat and improves the health of the heart and lungs.

5. Makes Workouts More Fun

Traditional workouts can get tedious and monotonous, while these specialty programs are almost always unique, high-energy, and challenging.

6. Reduce Risk of Injury

Involves power training which helps build strong ligaments, tendons fascia and joint capsules And reduces the risk of injury.

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