COVID Recovery

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1. Keep a healthy mind set

Stay away from the news, think of getting the virus as a positive thing happening to your body as your body builds immunity.

2. Exercise

Exercise if you are not showing much symptoms. Push to the limit your comfortable with.

3. Eat nutrition rich food

Include greens, veggies, what the body needs instead of what the body wants!

3. Take your supplements

Take a soluble vitamin C with Zinc and if possible vitamin D from soaking in some morning sunlight. It will help build immunity and keep your happy hormones high!

Prioritizing frequent, intense workouts while neglecting rest days can not only lead to diminishing performance returns with your fitness, but can also leave you open to injury, fatigue, or burnout, as SELF recently reported.

weight loss with PCOS

Incredible exercise for weight loss with PCOS PCOS which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome is a very common hormone problem for women of childbearing age. 

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Benefits of Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness exercise involves suspension-based training that is based on routines built around the bungee straps that carry body weight. At our fitness studio, each

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