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Suspension training allows to use the workout by leveraging the body weight. Progress or regress any exercise by simply walking closer or further away from the anchor point (where the suspension trainer is connected to). Pushing and pulling exercises for both upper and lower body while focusing on core engagement and tension. The suspension trainers can be brought online. The suspension trainer is extremely portable. Dual anchor points so the straps can be set up at any width to accommodate on the door. You can take it to the playground, attach it to an existing power rack, even tie it to a tree. The best part is, most come with a travel bag making it even easier to pack and go.

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At-home or on-the-go, practice wherever and whenever you want. Our virtual, holistic lifestyle coaching and training sessions are designed to activate, stretch, move and strengthen your body. Our Trainers connect with you for coaching sessions customized to deliver the inspiration and motivation you need to reach your goals.

All you need to do is to get your Suspension Trainer from the nearest Sports store!