Our Reviews

Amrutha Misra.

I have worked out with Breakthrough Studio Online for a year now, I don’t want to miss it cause it’s only time I get to focus on me!! 😊🙌

APRIL 26, 2021

Saadath F.Zahara

Three sessions into suspension training and I feel much more energetic!!  

MARCH 27, 2021

Lusanne Noronha.

My child says he is able to put his arms around me!..so happy Breakthrough studio is helping me in my weight loss journey !💪🙌

MARCH 8, 2021

Zeba Zahir.

After a year of no workout, didn’t think I’ll be able to workout 5 days in a row but I enjoyed it so much I did!  

JANUARY 18, 2021


I wasn’t able to kneel down to pray because of major surgery, but I am able to after a few sessions with Breakthrough Studio😊🙌

DECEMBER 17, 2020

Anuja Mitruka.

I lost 4kgs in three weeks

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020
Sangita Kalia.

My endurance has increased after just a few sessions at the studio, and I am able to run for fifteen minutes at a stretch, which I couldn’t do before! 💪🙌

OCTOBER 17, 2020

Keshav Singhania.

Why go to a regular gym when youcan get your strength training and cardio workout at Breakthrough studio? 

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Upputuri sravya.

I am type of girl who gets bored very easily and leaves everything halfway. I’m able to enjoy the workouts and not quit because youoffer different workouts everyday! 😊🙌

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020