studio workout
& nutrition guidance

We at Breakthrough Studio believe in achieving your health goals through body workout techniques along with balanced diets & healthy lifestyle habits, without any Crash/ Fad diets/ Supplements. If you are ready to strike a perfect balance with food & lifestyle, we are here for you with super customized nutrition services. Human beings need a wide range of nutrients to perform various vital functions in their body. Nutrition helps in the maintenance of structural integrity for an active as well as a productive life. A balanced diet provides your body with energy (calories), vitamins and minerals and is important for your overall health and wellbeing. A “food first approach” for nutrients and vitamins is recommended, as these are more easily absorbed by the body. You will have diet and nutritionist expert by your side – poor health condition like obesity, overweight, low immune system, weak metabolic health etc. does not happen overnight. Your health is your wealth – unfortunately, a large percentage of the world population throughout their life stays reluctant to invest time and attention on their health and this ignorance commonly results in losing part of their life-saving on medications, and hospitalization. Hence it’s never too late to start the right diet with the right nutritionist and workout trainer.