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Each day of the week has different exercises and workout formats to give you variety, burn calories and keep you motivated!

Day 1 – Body Burn 
Consists of micromovements to get those muscles burning.

Day 2 – Cardio 
High intensity movements to get your heart rate up!!

Day 3 – Circuit 
User may use mini band for this workout and things around the house for a fun workout.

Day 4 – Functional
Exercises to be done in pairs. you may use additional water bottles or dumbbells.

Day 5 – Tabata 
Comprises of short intervals of rest and longer high intensity exercises. You are expected to put in maximum effort during this time.

Note – Make sure you workout both sides of the body where required. Enjoy your workout!

how to set suspension trainer up?

Note : The  suspension trainer can be purchased in Amazon or any sports shop.

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