6 Interesting Facts About TRX Training

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TRX training stands for total body resistance exercise which utilizes a specially designed suspension training equipment for its function. It is a popular form of workout and a thorough and complete form of exercise training workout. It does not require any other traditional workouts such as weightlifting, lifting semi-truck tires or bench presses; it is a workout that aims to hit all the major muscle groups. The workout includes exercises for back, legs, chest, shoulders, arms and core aiding to achieve a toned body while shedding body fat. The equipment is a strong nylon strap which is fixed onto the ceiling and uses handles and foot cradle at the other end. The workouts are done using body weight with gravity which strengthens the core and develops strength, cardiovascular health, balance, flexibility and coordination of a person.

Breakthrough Fitness Studio: Our fitness center is undoubtedly the best TRX based weight loss fitness center in Bangalore providing a safe and comfortable environment to work out. Our training includes workout training techniques such as the Rip Trainer, Kettleball Training, Battle rope, Bosu balls, Dumbells and much more. We utilize world class equipment’s offering you the best Bungee fitness and KO8 fitness training available. You can now also get access to TRX trainer exercise at our fitness studio, that is simple. Grab the handles with your hands, tense your core and fight against gravity to build body muscle.

1. Special workouts for women: Breakthrough Fitness Studio is a ladies favorite fitness gym which is located at Frazer Town, Bangalore. We offer TRX workout training program especially for women and the benefits of these workout programs are many. This multidimensional fitness program keeps weight in check, improves sleep, helps counteract mood swings and prevents bone loss and osteoporosis in women.
2. Thyroid Problems: A healthy diet and hypothyroid medications prescribed by your doctor can help, but they may not be totally helping with weight loss or muscle functioning. TRX training exercises are an excellent way to gain muscle mass. Studies show that resistance training along with dietary modification helps you lose weight. Our strength training exercises increase muscle mass and metabolic rate, that helps you stay fit and healthy. Exercises such as squats, lunges, leg raises and push-ups together work on all major muscles in your body and release of thyroid hormones and helps maintain proper thyroid function. Research shows how muscle mass and incorporation of strength training exercises influence metabolism and thyroid problems.
3. Customized Fitness Programs: Our training is tailor made to suit health needs of individuals of all ages and body types. The trainers are fitness experts committed to providing a personalized experience for each customer. They constantly work towards keeping customers motivated with workout programs that are fun and creative.
4. Whole body workout: TRX suspension training workouts are a speedy and efficient way to get rid of that whole body fat and TRX workouts could be a good place to start. You can lose up to 5 kg in 10 days depending on your body type and medical history while working on improving your strength and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease. Unlike almost any other training system available, our TRX Suspension Training workouts challenge your entire body in all planes of motion creating a huge metabolic effect and helps you build lean, toned muscles. It is a fitness program that is versatile and is suitable for everyone including beginners, kids and athletes or bodybuilders.
5. Good News for Diabetics: Studies aiming at investigation of the effects of an 8-week total body resistance with TRX suspension training revealed improved glycemic levels and lipid profiles. Now, this is also good news for diabetics and cardiovascular patients. Individuals with diabetes who were involved in TRX to work on health and fitness showed significantly decreased body mass, BMI, and BFP.
6. Best for Sports Professionals: This form of exercise is great for runners, athletes or anyone who wants to gain more strength. TRX is easy on the joints especially for athletes who generally thump and pound the ground with vigorous body movements. At Breakthrough, we use higher up straps for upper body exercises like a horizontal pull up or a press up, and lower straps for better for lunges or plank-based movements.
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